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Makers’ Curate 

@Regrann from @threadapeutic – Thank you @makerscurate!
We’re at and Dia.Lo.Gue artspace shop.
@Regrann from @makerscurate – This casual sling bag by @threadapeutic is perfect for every occasion.

The fabric on the bag has been painstakingly layered and sewn into layers, before being cut and brushed into this design. Such a complex product takes weeks just to create a single sling bag.

Each piece of fabric is also sewn from recycled scrapes of cloth, so it makes the traditionally-easier technique much more difficult, all because of the passion to make fashion more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Do check them out for their awesomely designed sling bags and clutches! 🌿

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Threadapeutic puts sustainability at the core of everything we do. Each design comes from a thoughtful, unconventional way of upcycling garment-industry waste, instilled with skill and artisanship that we take great pride in. The layering of a combination of fabrics creates a unique blend of color, shade, and texture, thus giving each of our products its distinct personality. We also hope to invest in the people who make this journey possible by providing on-the-job training and opportunities for personal & professional growth.

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