Coverage by Korea Institute of Design Promotion

Ms Minjeong Cha wrote, “I do love your business model that impacts people’s life. Hope for all the great things with your beautiful work, and wish my article could be a bridge that make you better known in Korea.”

Thank you, Ms Minjeong, for appreciating our effort to empower by upcycling.


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Scraps are beautiful.

Giving scraps a new lease of life.

Banner Bags

Banner Bags
We use banners in the construction of many of our bags. When used as inner linings, they add form and structure to our products. We also do not shy away from using banners on the bags’ exteriors, inventively mixing them with other fabrics and applying different techniques to vary texture.

Banner-lined for structure.
Banner-lined for structure.
banner lined, sackcloth bag
Banner-lined, sackcloth bag.